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U-report amplifies Shambala

Shambala Maria Diaganmo is a young Zambian female who is most passionate about seeing young people living with HIV/AIDS and disabilities rising in different spheres of life. Shambala first used Zambia U-report in 2017 after hearing about it from a friend and has been a proud U-reporter since. She uses the platform to discuss topics relating to HIV/AIDS and other health concerns that someone in her community is experiencing. As a peer educator she has continued to use the platform to help facilitate linkages to adolescents who need services but do not know where to access them. In early March 2019 Shambala and a team of peer educators were having a support group session centered on whether boys/men should be carrying menstrual pads. During the meeting the team used Zambia U-report to settle matters of high debate as it provided real time answers to the questions that were being discussed. She said, ”It was fun to see young people debate on matters that affect them, when the discussion got heated the councillors on Zambia U-report helped us settle matters in the debate.” Zambia U-report has additionally helped Shambala during outreaches such as the HIV Testing Counselling and Treatment Day. Shambala believes that every young person should Join Zambia U-report. “It is simple and easy to use! It’s cool how I can ask a trained counsellor a question at any time and still get my answer.” She expressed. She looks forward to the service being available on Whatsapp so that she can begin receiving advice and information on a platform she now uses much more than SMS.

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